Saturday, 29 September 2012

"dont palm us off"

DILO: Palm Oil Plantations by C-Monster
It is all good and well to walk around wearing "dont palm us off" T-shirts, but then; if it wasn't for us there wouldnt be so many plantations. I remember driving back from sibu, laughing and joking and listening to music, while we passed kilometer after kilometer of palm oil plantations. looking around I could see about three quarters of the class eating chips ( dont get me wrong, it included me), bought from the local kampong. It isn't that people dont care, but because they dont realize, or think "its just one packet, what difference does it make". If they hadn't consumed that one packet there would be no such thing as plantations. But then there's the local people who wouldn't eat if we didn't buy there oil, and eat their chips and sweets. Its an excellent source of income for them and it involves them in trade, which is probably the best income they will ever have. So it leaves us with a question: should we eat the chips or not? I would love to hear what you think.

C-Monster. "DILO: Palm Oil Plantations." Flickr. Yahoo!, 26 Mar. 2005. Web. 30 Sept. 2012. <>.


  1. Great question to pose to everyone. It's tricky. Maybe we can have a discussion during mentor about it?

  2. I so agree with you. We really need to think about our actions. It may just be one bag of chips, but if we think that way about everything and everyone thinks that way, then there will have been so many bags of chips that have been eaten. It may not be wasting it, but it's not like we need it. It's not only chips as well, also wasting paper or anything else. These resources won't last forever, we need to savour them! This is cheesy but I'm going to end on it anyway: Save the earth!

    1. Oh and I agree. It's a very hard question to answer! I'm not really sure what to say. One thing can lead to another and to another and to another. So I'm not sure. It seems like a simple question, but if you talk about it in depth, it could go on for hours.

  3. I definitely agree with you Rosie. I think it's really good how you wrote a blog post on this. Not only does it raise awareness but it also makes you think when you read it. I never thought that eating 1 packet of crisps could do some harm to the environment around us. On the other hand, it does help the economy. But in my opinion, I would stop eating crisps to help the environment, even though they're delicious!

  4. Even I agree Rosie.Actually, I don't eat crisps all that much but in my opinion I would stop eating them to help out the economy.